Welcome to our handy guide on how to split wood with a wedge. You might think splitting is time-consuming, but it’s a breeze with the right tools, like a splitting wedge or a second wedge, and proven techniques. It’s more than just swinging a hammer’s handle. We typically split along the existing crack, using a ... Read more
When it comes to being a master chef or grill master, it is important to remember the basics. One of the basics involves preparing to grill or smoke meats. Creating a unique and mouthwatering dish is important. But the meat prepared must also be at the right temperature. If you cook your meat too long ... Read more
What is better, a propane or wood firepit? Buying the right firepit can make a real difference in campfire enjoyment, and propane fire pits are becoming very popular. Like with wood-burning fire pits, propane versions have pros and cons to consider before making a final buying decision, so check out my findings below! Here are ... Read more
Are you contemplating between a chiminea or fire pit for your backyard? Both chimineas and fire pits can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere outdoors. They are vastly different, though. Often made from steel or cast iron, fire pits provide an open fire perfect for roasting marshmallows or cooking food. On the other hand, brightly decorated ... Read more
Welcome to your definitive wood pellet storage guide! Knowing how to store wood pellets is crucial, whether for your pellet grill or fuel needs. You might ask, why? Storing pellets incorrectly can turn good pellets into bad wood pellets, especially when exposed to moisture. The best bet is to store your wood pellets in a ... Read more
If you own a wood burning stove, you know how great they can be. Between their cost efficiency, convenience, and reliability they’re a great heating choice for your home. Unfortunately, the positives are not without a bit of a negative. Due to intense heat and other factors in its location and operation, wood stoves don’t ... Read more
In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at the world of pellet stoves. How do they work? What is their heat output like compared to a conventional wood stove or a gas stove? How do you install a pellet stove, and what is the average cost? Can you use an existing chimney? What is ... Read more
You just got a brand new wood burning fire pit. They are great to have in the yard. A roaring fire can help create amazing ambiance in your outdoor space. They can put off some real heat. And when the weather gets cold, a fire pit can bring people together and stay warm. Most fire ... Read more
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Grilling has really become a pastime everyone is getting involved in. And when you’re first starting out you may be worried about perfecting your technique. Even experienced grill masters want the perfectly cooked steak. This is where many turn to Weber’s iGrill app connected thermometers. In the past few years the iGrill 2 thermometer has ... Read more
Grilling is one of the most favorite American pass times. It that ranks up the list with baseball and family gatherings. And at any gathering you’ll find at least one variety of meat, sides, salads, and more. Many home chefs enjoy preparing grilled or smoked meats and even oven roasted delicacies. Two of the most ... Read more