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Great Wood Burning Fire Pit Accessories to enhance your fires

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You just got a brand new wood-burning fire pit. They are great to have in the yard. A roaring fire can help create an amazing ambiance in your outdoor space. They can put off some real heat. And when the weather gets cold, a fire pit can bring people together and stay warm.

Most fire pits come with basic tools. Many come with just a basic cover and poker. But if you want to up your fire pit game, there are many ways to enhance your joy from your fire pit.

Here are just a few of our favorite wood-burning fire pit accessories. Some can also be used with a gas fire pit; however, wood-burning fire pits require more tending and, therefore, need more accessories.

Fire Pit Starting Accessories

Fire Pit Starting Accessories

Getting a fire started can sometimes be harder than it looks. Our favorite fire-starting accessories ensure you can light the fire and enjoy your fire pit in a short amount of time.

Fatwood is wood that is high in resin content. When lit, it stays lit and can help get your fire going. Just one or two of these can easily start your fire put.

A Ferro rod kit is great when you don’t have easy access to a lighter. It will produce enough spark to light your tinder easily.

Fireplace or fire pit bellows can be really helpful when starting a fire or trying to stoke or revive a fire. It allows you to stay safely at a distance while introducing more air into your fire.

Wood Maintenance Fire Pit Accessories

Wood is crucial to any good fire pit. There are some ways to ensure your wood remains organized and dry when it matters most.

Wood Storage Rack with Cover

Wood Storage Rack with Cover

You need to keep your wood dry and covered when storing it outdoors. A firewood rack keeps your wood orderly, and many come with a cover that easily keeps the wood dry.

Maintaining your fire sometimes requires moving logs around. Poker doesn’t always do the trick. Sturdy tongs can help keep your fire going and you safe.

Fire Pit Cooking Accessories

Cooking over an open fire is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention, a roasted marshmallow or hot dog can be delicious. Here are some cool accessories to amp your fire pit cooking to the next level.

Skewers make cooking over your firepit easy. When you can’t find good roasting sticks, skewers allow you to roast marshmallows or hot dogs easily and safely.

Invest in a cooking grate if you want to do more serious cooking over your fire. There are many options; some swing over, and others are placed directly on top of certain brand fire pits. Either way, you can enjoy some great food.

Cooking over an open fire with cooking grate

Fire Pit Storage Accessories

Some fire pits are made to be stationary, and they stay where they are year-round. But there may be a reason to cover up your fire pit during the off months or in inclement weather. Here are some storage options for your fire pit.

If you’ve made a serious investment in a fire pit, you want to keep it looking nice. Covers can protect it from the weather and any animals.

A fire pit mat can be a great investment since it protects the ground below the firepit. If you have a portable pit and place it on grass or your deck, this can protect the surface from the heat of the fire.

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