Welcome to our handy guide on how to split wood with a wedge. You might think splitting is time-consuming, but it’s a breeze with the right tools, like a splitting wedge or a second wedge, and proven techniques. It’s more than just swinging a hammer’s handle. We typically split along the existing crack, using a ... Read more
Concept of Splitting Wedge vs Maul Comparison
Welcome to the art of splitting wood! If you’ve ever wanted to turn a wood log into useful pieces, this guide is for you. You’ll learn about different splitting tools, like the axe, maul, and wedge. Each has a unique role in wood splitting. A splitting axe handle has a sharp blade for cutting wood. ... Read more
If you’re new to splitting wood, or simply still wondering about the best way, you’ve often thought about using either a splitting maul or a splitting axe.  In past decades there have been more quality tools available making cutting wood much easier. But if you still need to chop wood yourself then there are two options ... Read more