How to Know When Your HVAC Filters Need Replacing?

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You might easily fall into the trap of “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to your comfort at home. You may store something in the back seat, but there’s one thing you should always have in mind – look for indications of a dirty air filter.

As the cozy winter nights by the fireplace give way to warmer days, it’s time to think about cleaning or replacing the air conditioning filters. The purpose of the air filter is to stop dust and debris from getting inside your house as well as to stop pet dander, dust, and allergens found inside from constantly coming back into your home. A clean air filter means a cleaner house, increased effectiveness of your HVAC system, and, most importantly, enhanced health of everyone in the family. To make things even better, checking and changing your filters will cost you a few minutes in a few months. If you’re not sure when to change the one in your home, let’s go over several indicators that show if your home air filter is beyond its prime.

Rise in Electrical Bills

Has the electric provider not raised rates, yet your bill has increased? Your home’s air conditioning system could be exerting more effort to keep the temperature at the desired level as a result. So, there’s an increase in energy use. And once the electricity consumption is calculated, you will have to pay. Accordingly, consulting with a company in Mississauga, Ontario makes getting new filters and changing them far more cost-effective and efficient. Isn’t it wise to have a long-term perspective? Your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency and your power costs will drop dramatically with a little investment. So, you are rewarded with both effectiveness and savings.

Visible Dust and Grime

Your air filter will continue to function properly even if there is just a thin coating of dirt visible. However, when the grime blocks the surface and material of the filter, that’s an indication it’s needed replacement for quite some time. It may result in dirty ductwork, which in turn would cause many issues for your HVAC system.

Your air filter is unable to effectively chill your home due to all the debris on the filter. A little obstruction in your filter from dust and grime might cause your cooling system to operate far less efficiently.

Allergies and Respiratory Issues

If you or anybody else in your house experiences respiratory issues or allergies, this is another indication that your filter needs to be changed. The longer you go without changing your air filter, the more allergens remain in your house. It may surprise you to learn that the air inside your house can sometimes be more contaminated than the outside. A frequent sneezing fit, a stuffy nose, or an asthma attack are all signs that your air filter needs to be checked. It’s crucial to understand that these allergens might enter your home through duct leaks.

Once the filter becomes clogged and full, you cannot count on it to catch those bothersome allergens. For allergy sufferers, spring and summer are the most bearable times of the year. In case you have an allergy, it is recommended to change your air filters every three to six months.

AC Overheating

When your air conditioner’s back gets too hot, it typically means that it is working very hard to force its air through. The machine may appear to be blowing heated air out of the back if your air filter is full. Should the circumstances persist, it would inevitably necessitate more frequent AC repairs and financial burdens in the form of AC service fees. To relieve the strain, the best course of action is to replace or manually clean the air conditioner filter or choose AC servicing.

You can now determine when to replace your air filter with far more accuracy. Be kind to yourself and remember to check your air filter frequently. With less effort on its part, your HVAC system will appreciate it, as well as your health. Its lifespan will also lengthen, and maintenance expenses will drop.

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