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Demystifying: Why GE Electric Stove Burner Light Stays On

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Hey there, I’m sure we’ve all been puzzled at times when the light on our GE electric stove burner stays on, even when we’re positive we’ve turned it off. Is it a sign of a serious problem or just a minor glitch? As someone who’s been there, I’m here to help you understand why this happens and how you can fix it.

We’ll delve into what it means when your stove light refuses to dim, the tools you’ll need to address the issue, and the safety concerns you should be aware of.

We’ll even touch on the potential costs of replacement parts. So, stick around if you’re looking for answers and a little peace of mind. Let’s unravel this mystery together.

What Does It Mean When The GE Electric Stove Burner Light Stays On?

When your GE Electric stove burner light stays on, it’s not simply a matter of the appliance forgetting to switch off the light; it could signal a deeper issue with the burner element not cooling down properly or even a malfunction.

This burner light is designed to alert you when the cooking surface is still hot, protecting you from accidental burns. But if the light remains on even when the burner’s been off for a while, it’s a cause for concern.

This could mean a faulty element, a malfunctioning sensor, or even electrical issues within your stove. It’s crucial to take heed and not dismiss this issue lightly. After all, freedom also means being free from unnecessary accidents and costly repairs.

Why Does GE Electric Stove Surface Light Stay On?

Causes of GE electric stove burner light stays on

I’ve noticed that sometimes the burner light on my GE Electric stove stays on, even when the burners seem cool to the touch. This can be a bit perplexing, often due to many reasons.

Let’s delve deeper into these potential culprits to understand and potentially resolve this issue.

Cooktop Still Hot

Don’t be alarmed if your GE electric stove surface light stays on; it’s likely because the cooktop is still hot. Here’s why:

  1. The indicator light is designed to stay on as long as the cooktop is still hot. It’s a safety feature to prevent accidental burns.
  2.  Once the stove is turned off, it takes time for the residual heat to dissipate. Until then, the GE electric stove burner light stays on.
  3.  If the light persists after the stove has cooled, it might signal a problem. However, this is rare.

Remember, this is a built-in safety feature, not a defect. It allows you to cook and move around your kitchen without worrying about accidental burns. So, the next time you see the light stays on, just know your cooktop is still doing its job.

Defective Burner Switch

Feeling puzzled by a persistently glowing indicator even after the cooktop has cooled? You may be dealing with a defective burner switch.

It’s a little-known fact that any switch can cause the indicator light to remain on, not just the one for the burner you’re using. This electrical issue can be a bit tricky to diagnose without some troubleshooting.

If you suspect a faulty burner switch, don’t worry – it’s not an insurmountable problem. A good first step is to consult your stove’s manual. If that doesn’t help, you might need to replace the defective burner switch.

But remember, seeking professional help is always wise rather than risking a DIY repair. You deserve the freedom of a fully functional kitchen!

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Ever wondered why that pesky indicator just won’t turn off? It could be due to a malfunctioning thermostat.

This little device regulates the heat on your GE electric stove burner. It’s a safety feature that prevents the burner from overheating. But when it malfunctions, it can cause the surface to stay on.

This is because the bi-metal thermostat in the element might be stuck in the ‘on’ position. It’s not just a nuisance; it’s also a safety hazard. You wouldn’t want to touch a hot burner accidentally, would you?

So, if you suspect a thermostat malfunction, it’s advisable to get it checked out. This might require a professional’s help, as it may involve replacing the thermostat or entire element.

Electrical Issue

Imagine you’re in your kitchen, staring at that relentless glow, and you’re pretty sure it’s not the thermostat this time. Could it be an electrical issue? Yes, it’s possible.

An electrical issue might just be why the GE electric stove surface light stays on. This persistent glow could be a telltale of a loose connection or a wiring problem.

It’s crucial to look at the power supply and ensure your stove is correctly hooked up. If you spot loose wires or suspect a wiring fault, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Because let’s face it, we all want our freedom, but we need our appliances working right, too. So don’t let that stubborn indicator light ruin your peace of mind or meal prep.

Tools Needed

Tools needed to fix GE electric stove burner light stays on

You’ll need some basic tools to tackle that pesky GE electric stove burner light that won’t turn off. Having the right tools is the first step to freedom from this nuisance.

  • For instance, a screwdriver is essential for opening your stove to reach the burner switch.
  • Pliers and wire strippers are crucial when dealing with wiring issues, whether replacing the stove burner or repairing the infinite switch.
  • On the other hand, the multimeter is the key to diagnosing the root of the problem.

With these tools in your arsenal, you can take on the task.

How to Fix it?

Here is step by step process to fix the Electric Stove Burner Light Stays On:

Step 1- Check if The Stove Is Off

  • First, make sure the stove is unplugged from the electrical outlet. This might seem elementary, but sometimes the simplest solutions are overlooked.
  • Also, ensure the knob is turned to the off position.

If, after these checks, the light is still on, then we indeed have a problem that needs a fix. This step is essential before delving deeper into troubleshooting the root cause. Remember, identifying the issue is the first step towards freedom from this perplexing problem.

Step 2- Inspect the Indicator Light

After ensuring the stove is completely switched off, the next essential step is investigating the indicator light. The indicator light is your stove’s way of communicating with you. It’s located near the burner knob, and if it’s got a problem, it won’t turn off.

Step 3- Check the Infinite Switch

Next, examine the infinite switch closely, as it could be the culprit behind the persistently glowing indicator. The infinite switch plays a key role in controlling the flow of electricity to the burner element, so it’s crucial to understand why it is malfunctioning.

To check the infinite switch, you’ll need a multimeter. This tool will help you measure the electrical resistance and identify any continuous flow of electricity, even when the switch should be off. Remember, safety comes first. Make sure the stove is unplugged before you start your research.

If the switch is defective, it cannot reduce the burner’s power.

Consequently, the light stays on. Now you’re one step closer to solving your stove issue.

Step 4- Reset the Stove

After inspecting the infinite switch, let’s try a different approach if the GE electric stove surface light stubbornly remains on.

A simple yet potent solution is at our disposal- resetting the stove. You’re probably thinking, ‘Sounds technical,’ but it’s as easy as pie. Just unplug the stove from the electrical outlet and wait a peaceful 30 seconds. Then, plug it back in.

It’s your stove, your rules, right? Now, gently turn the knob to the off position and swing it back to the on position.

If that rebellious light is still on, don’t panic. It’s part of your freedom to seek assistance. Reach out to customer support for further help.

Remember, sometimes, all it takes is a reset.

Step 5- Contact Customer Support

When all your attempts fall flat, and the stubborn indicator refuses to switch off, it’s time to call in the experts – get in touch with customer support. They’re the trained professionals who know the ins and outs of your GE electric stove. They’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to identify and guide you on resolving the issue.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, even if it’s a minor issue. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with electric appliances. You’re not alone in this. Customer support is there to ensure your freedom to cook without worry.

They’ll help you troubleshoot and find the best solution, ensuring your stove’s burner light behaves as it should.

Is Using a GE Electric Stove with A Faulty Burner Light Safe?

Using a GE electric stove with a faulty burner light isn’t safe. There is a potential risk of unnoticed, residual heat causing burns.

If the burner light stays on, it indicates it is hot, even if turned off. If the light is malfunctioning, you might mistakenly think the burner is cool when it’s still hot, which can lead to accidents. It’s crucial to ensure that the burner light works correctly for your safety and the safety of others.

Don’t ignore the problem; address it immediately. Reach out to GE’s customer support for assistance in resolving the issue and maintaining the safe use of your stove.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a GE Electric Stove Burner Switch?

GE electric stove burner switch replacement on table

Imagine the relief you’ll feel knowing that replacing your faulty switch can cost as little as $20, ensuring your kitchen remains a safe and functional space for your loved ones. Here’s a rough breakdown of the potential costs:

  1. Repair Clinic: They offer a replacement surface element switch at a reasonable price of $37.95.
  2. Amazon: You’ll find many options for GE stove switches, with prices ranging from $20 to $40.
  3. Walmart and HD Supply Solutions: Both provide options starting at around $37.

Remember, prices can fluctuate and may differ based on the specific model and type of switch you need.

Also, remember that hiring a professional for the replacement might incur additional charges. So, weigh your options and choose wisely!


In conclusion, if your GE electric stove burner light stays on, it’s likely due to a faulty switch or wiring issue. You’ll need basic tools to fix it, but ensure safety first.

If you need more time to do it yourself, consider professional help. The cost varies depending on the model and local service rates.

Always remember a well-maintained stove ensures a safe and efficient cooking experience.

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Newell McGlynn

Meet Newell, a seasoned expert in the realm of stoves and fireplaces. With an extensive background in the industry, Newell boasts unparalleled experience in working with electric, gas, and wood-burning stoves. His proficiency extends to crafting warm, inviting spaces through a deep understanding of fireplaces.


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