Concept of medium heat on stove
I have always been fascinated with cooking but tend to be impatient. I often find myself flipping through recipes, figuring out how long something will take to cook and how hot my stove should be before starting.  My problem is that most recipes only list the temperature needed for cooking something after it’s already started ... Read more
Concept of simmer and low when cooking
When you are simmering, the goal is to maintain a very low temperature. Simmering involves gentle heat and long cooking times so the results will be tender and flavorful. You can simmer on the stovetop or in the oven. Simmering involves bringing a liquid to the point of being below boiling. You’ll notice several tiny ... Read more
Concept of Using Wood Chips in a Smoker
Grilling season is quickly approaching, and there are many options other than the traditional hot dogs and burgers. Don’t waste your grill on the “blah” foods in every backyard soiree. Visiting a BBQ-style restaurant may give you a touch of interest when it comes to cooking smoked meats. Don’t let preparation and cost intimidate you ... Read more
Concept of seasoning an electric smoker
For those who love great BBQ and are ready to take our barbequing skills to the next level, purchasing a smoker is the natural next step for would-be “pit masters.” Today, meat smokers – and electric smokers in particular – are gaining popularity. This is because they are easier and less messy than a traditional ... Read more
Concept of smoking beef jerky in a propane smoker
Smoked beef jerky has been popular for thousands of years because it’s tasty, satisfying, and remarkably shelf-stable. It’s also highly versatile in terms of flavor, with your only real limit being the number of creative marinades you can come up with. If you’d like to start learning how to smoke your beef jerky, there are ... Read more
Concept of 10 Amazing BBQ Side Dishes
Once a simple and effective way to prepare less valuable cuts of meat, BBQ has taken off as an art form. Most entry-level meat smokers can be found stuffed with beef or pork. These days, the offerings are no longer the toughest cuts but include many other types of meat, including seafood. Regardless of whether ... Read more
Concept of oiling grill grate
Welcome, grill enthusiasts! This guide will help you master how to oil grill grates. Why does it matter? Well, oiling grill grates make grilling fun and easy. It saves your food from sticking and keeps your grill in top shape. Plus, it adds that extra flavor we all love. Understanding the Importance of Oiling Grill ... Read more
Concept of Best Meat to Smoke in a Smoker
If you’re a beginner at smoking meat, you’re probably compiling a list of recipes and meats to try. But what meats are the most popular to smoke? Here we go over some of the best meats to smoke in a smoker, whether in a charcoal or electric smoker. What Does Smoking Meat Do? When smoking ... Read more