If you own a wood burning stove, you know how great they can be. Between their cost efficiency, convenience, and reliability they’re a great heating choice for your home. Unfortunately, the positives are not without a bit of a negative. Due to intense heat and other factors in its location and operation, wood stoves don’t ... Read more
In this guide, we’re taking a closer look at the world of pellet stoves. How do they work? What is their heat output like compared to a conventional wood stove or a gas stove? How do you install a pellet stove, and what is the average cost? Can you use an existing chimney? What is ... Read more
Wood stoves are a very popular appliance that generate heat by burning wood for heating homes. The smoke that is produced by the burning rises and is removed through the flue and out the chimney while the ash created is stored in the interior.  The wood burns at a very high temperature. As a result, there is a ... Read more
Wood stoves are great for those cold winter months when there’s nowhere you’d rather be than in front of a fire. They warm your home, look great inside and out, and are a cost and environmentally friendly heat source. However, the maintenance of the stove can be a concern for some people. Many who buy a stove aren’t sure ... Read more
Does a Gas Stove Need Electricity
Wood stoves can generally be appreciated by any person, from producing a safe haven on a chilly day, to creating a charming ambiance that defines the room. But to appreciate the comfort and usefulness of a great wood stove, it needs to be kept in working order. Perhaps one of the most neglected (and ironically, ... Read more
heavy kitchenware is one of the causes glass top stoves to crack
When people first think about alternative heating fuels they often land on either a pellet stove or wood stove option. Buying one or both of these types of stoves can come with a hefty price tag. The cost associated with adding a wood stove or pellet stove should also include installation as this is often ... Read more