Country Backyard Rustic Fire Pit Ideas
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Can You Put Fire Pit on Grass
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How to Hide Propane Tank for Fire Pit
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What is better, a propane or wood firepit? Buying the right firepit can make a real difference in campfire enjoyment, and propane fire pits are becoming very popular. Like with wood-burning fire pits, propane versions have pros and cons to consider before making a final buying decision, so check out my findings below! Here are ... Read more
You just got a brand new wood burning fire pit. They are great to have in the yard. A roaring fire can help create amazing ambiance in your outdoor space. They can put off some real heat. And when the weather gets cold, a fire pit can bring people together and stay warm. Most fire ... Read more
There is quite possibly nothing more enjoyable than a nice evening spent around a fire with friends and family. When that experience is ruined by fire pit smoke the entire evening can turn from enjoyable to downright disgusting. A back yard party can often be salvaged by moving the party indoors. But what if you ... Read more